Supplier's Credit

Facility for Arranging Funds for Importers Using Letter Of Credit

Save Money on Each Transactions

Talking to each other about the foreign exchange rate at the best price.

Why You Need Supplier’s Credit Service?

Myforexeye has created and pioneered an international trade finance consulting service called supplier's credit, which assists importers by offering trade finance at rates tied to LIBOR in exchange for the use of a letter of credit. The importer gains more negotiating power with the provider because they receive payment on sight.

To finance your import payments, obtain quotes on supplier's credit from 99+ partner banks.
To provide quick and easy funding, we obtain the lowest rate within an hour from more than 100 institutions.
To lower the credit risk and ease the short-term pressure on funds by allowing importers to trade on credit.

Process Flow

Advantages of Supplier's Credit

Instant Quotes
Low Arrangement Fees
Most Economical
Forex Management

Salient Features

Get attractive quotes for Buyer's Credit from 99+ banks.

Reduce price discovery timelines significantly.

Eliminte unnecessary bargaining and negotiations with multiple brokers/banks.

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