Refund Policy

In the event of order cancellation due to non-compliance or client’s request, the amount is subjected to be refunded only after the convenience fees deduction. If the order(s) are placed via Partial payment request, request affirmation expense of 2% won’t be refunded.

Once the delivery is completed by the user cannot return/cancel the order. If the customer wants to return the order after delivery it will be returned at the prevailing prices of bank at that time

Once the deal is confirmed is not responsible for any loss/profit arising due to the fluctuation of the currency prices. Therefore the order cannot be cancelled in such situations, it becomes a legal obligation of both the parties to execute the confirmed order.

The User specifically agrees that if any discrepancy is detected in the documents furnished by the User at the time of applying for foreign exchange or the details are incomplete or not accurate or the Bank finds that execution of the request is in violation of any applicable laws / regulations / guidelines, changes in Government Policies RBI / Bank Policies or for reasons beyond control of / Service provider leading to cancellation of the transaction the service provider shall not process the request any further and it would be fully entitled to cancel the transaction at its sole discretion. In the said event the amount deposited by the user for the transaction would be credited to the User’s Account within 21 working days after deducting the applicable cancellation charges etc. and in the said event the User shall not raise any claim against or the service provider or any of its officials, employees or agents.

The organization has the privilege to unilaterally hinder a passage to a private profile, to suspend the exchange action on records, to cross out the interest for information yield, or to profit if the accounts of cash or movement of the Client negates to the Policy of tax evasion/money laundering and financing of terrorism.

On the off chance that the Company finds action of the Client as improper, or negating to the standard motivation behind utilization of organization and its services where there is unfair, or illegal, indirect, or direct intention, the Company has the privilege to work inside of this archive, without advising the Client in advance

At the renewal of the trading/exchanging account with cashcard, the Clients attempt not to submit the application for reaction of the payment which is as of now enrolled into the account of trading to the bank, or to supplier of the debit/credit card, both in time, and after fruition of utilization of organization’s services. In the event that the Company, by and by gets a comment for payment as indicated by the exchange, we maintain all authority to obstruct a passageway to the Private Profile and to freeze the present balance of the Client and to send cash back on a personal account of the Client, after installment of all commissions and services.

The organization will take every fundamental measure to avert and restrict both info, and withdrawal by outsiders of cash from the client account. As far as Input and Output of cash from account is concerned, it can be completed just by the proprietor of this record.