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Forex exchange rate service in myforexeye app

Why do we need forex rates services?

Many forex users lose a lot of money to bank or intermediaries who charge high conversion fees. The rates offered by banks are not clear. So, user should watch out for hidden costs.

Myforexeye’s forex rates services help you save a lot of money on your transactions.

We have built a mobile app which helps you access live inter-bank rates for any type of transaction you may want to undertake.
Our experienced forex negotiators help you transact with banks.
Users have options to choose from the wide variety of services to bring down conversions cost.

Multiple Options to reduce forex conversion costs

A Myforexeye mobile app is basically for online forex trading services.
Mobile App

Get real time currency rates, low margins, fast execution And tight margins on all transactions on your mobile.

Transaction Processing Outsourcing Services Company India

Outsource Forex Rate Negotiations To professionals to save on Forex Remittance

Forex Trading service provider from Noida.

Forex on your mind? Get unbiased expert opinion on anything around forex. Get surprised!

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Trade & Forex Current Account

Check Real-Time Forex Rates To Compare Bank Rates on Mobile App

Advantages of Rates on Myforexeye Mobile App

Access to live inter-bank forex rates (IBR)-Access Live inter-bank rates for over 50 currency pairs.
Access to cash, spot and forward rates in user-friendly format.
Forex-on-call: Access to Myforexeye experts in case banks are not offering rates closer to what is shown in Myforexeye App.
Historical Rates: Access to historical rates to audit forex transactions done in the past.
Secure and transparent transaction processing

Salient Features

0 Pilferage

Helps users to eliminate pilferage on forex conversions

The Myforexeye mobile app offers a platform for accessing online forex trading services. With this app, I engage in foreign exchange trading.

Mobile Access

Access the most advanced app for forex users in India

Myforexeye real-time alerts


Get real-time alerts on traded rates for 50+ currency pairs

Currency Converter and Foreign Exchange Rates

100% control

Take control of forex conversions for every remittance

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