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An introduction to Interest cost optimization strategy

Myforexeye interest optimization offering is an innovative multi-dimensional, multi-currency liquidity solution that allows corporates’ to reduce cost of borrowing on their entire borrowings across geographies and usage.

Improved financial performance

Reducing interest costs can improve the company's bottom line and increase profitability.

Increased competitiveness

Lower interest costs can give the company a competitive advantage by reducing its overall cost structure.

Enhanced flexibility

By reducing interest costs, the company may have more financial flexibility to invest in growth opportunities or weather economic downturns.

Better risk management

Evaluating interest cost optimization strategies can help the company better manage its financial risks and reduce its exposure to interest rate fluctuations.

Improved decision making

A thorough evaluation of interest cost optimization strategies can provide valuable insights and inform better decision making.

From exporters to importers to domestic companies to multi-national companies and just about anything in between can use our services to objectively reduce borrowing costs on working capital finance and long term loans.

Multi-dimensional Strategy

Myforexeye supports customers across a wide range of industries, traders operating domestically or moving goods and capital across the globe and beyond. Explore more with our experts.

Multi-Dimensional Product Evaluation Strategy
Borrowing OptionsCompany
Debt FormProduct TypeDomestic SalesGlobal Sales / Purchases
Term DebtTerm Loans / ECB / FCTLLocal CurrencyMulti-currency
Working CapitalPre-shipmentLocal CurrencyMulti-currency
Post-shipmentLocal CurrencyMulti-currency
Fund-BasedCash Credit/WCDL/FCNR (B)EPC/PCFC,
Non-fund basedLCBDBuyer's or Supplier's Credit

Advantages of Interest cost optimization strategy

Analyze existing operation: Review your existing product-mix for availing export or import finance
Identify gaps: We do in-depth gap finding exercise
Alternate product-mix: Prepare comparative analysis of various options available to finance export and import transaction
Monitor: Regularly check strategy in a changing market scenario

Salient Features

Creating Value

Cost optimization should be about just reducing costs, but about optimizing them in a way that creates value for business

Future State

Cost optimization initiatives should be based on the desired future state of the business, rather than on a historical model with irrelevant data.

Transformational perspective

Cost Optimization us not just about cost-cutting, but about changing processes and driving efficiencies through continuous improvement

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