Portfolio Management Services

Myforexeye manages portfolios of its corporate clients by providing them Forex Risk Advisory services to enable its clients to appropriately manage their forex associated risks and fulfill their financial objectives related to forex.

Any exporter or importer or individual who is exposed to forex risk can avail services offered by Myforexeye. Any trader in forex markets can also take assistance from Myforexeye for trade initiations as well as trade exits.

The Forex Risk Advisory services of Myforexeye are focused on protecting business budgets rather than targeting market peaks and bottoms. The primary objective is to manage risk rather than speculate on forex.

Myforexeye has an in-house advisory team to guide its clients on forex market which includes the foreign currency rates prevailing in the market and expected market direction in near future. The advisors guide the market participants to make a decision on when to hedge their foreign currency exposures and via which hedging tool.

The advisory team of Myforexeye guides its clients on the basis of technical analysis (price charting) and fundamental analysis. The team advises its clients to hedge whenever market rates are favorable for them, completely respecting the set benchmarks. This also ensures that the corporate objective remains as forex risk management rather than indulging in forex speculative gains.

Myforexeye tracks and advises on the following currency pairs:


Myforexeye can do research on other currency pairs as well depending upon the requirements of the client.

Myforexeye helps exporters and importers in framing data formats for quick and effective forex decision making and hedging instrument selections. Myforexeye incorporates the best industry practices in devising such data formats.

Foreign exchange risk management is a complex science which needs a focused and dedicated approach. A professional advisor can manage this risk better. Currency rates are extremely volatile and slightest of miscalculations could result in financial distress.

Yes. The Portfolio Managers at Myforexeye have extensive experience in formulating corporate forex risk management policies. Myforexeye assists companies to build forex risk management policies incorporating globally established industry best practices.

Myforexeye Forex Risk Advisory team is an experienced group of professional advisors with more than 40 years of cumulative market risk experience. Their dealing room is equipped with Thomson Reuters Eikon and Ticker Plant terminals. The dealing room is a physically separated workspace wherein only the forex dealers, advisors and management team are allowed to enter.