About RateCheck

This service allows ‘paid’ users to check rates in real-time while transacting with their banks. The tool in Myforexeye Application allows users to check rates for nearly all transactions done by clients in India – Including Cash/Spot/Forward/Forward Cancellations/EEFC Conversion and Export Bill discounting transactions.

  • Check forex transaction specific real-time forex rates to negotiate as per commercials
  • In case of differences, get live forex dealer assistance on a click
  • Dealer negotiates best deals while you hear complete negotiation
  • RateCheck attractively priced at Rs.20000+Taxes. Buy Online on Myforexeye App
  • Pay additional 30% charge on savings when dealer assistance is availed
  • Get 1 complimentary Transaction Forex Risk Advisory reports
  • Get 2 complimentary Buyer’s credit/Supplier’s credit deals on Myforexeye App
  • Subscription to Daily, Premium, Trading and Guest writers reports
  • Opening & closing forex rates
  • Get in control of forex operations
  • Keep an eye on all transactions – small or big

Research Analysis

<5 paisa 10 %
<20 paisa 50 %

Margin Analysis