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Myforexeye's revolutionary mobile application allows importers to fetch buyer's credit quotes online.

Join 500+ importers who get state-of-the-art technology to manage trade and forex desk seamlessly

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Best-in-class Features


Get instant quotes for Buyer’s and Supplier’s credit from 65+ banks in less than 2 minutes

Reduce price discovery timelines significantly

Eliminate unnecessary bargaining and negotiations with multiple brokers/banks


Access Client Web Portal to book import financing transactions from the comfort of your desk

Live chat with dealers and back-office support

Receive auto-quote on transaction roll-over

Support Desk

State-of-the-art pricing and back office support

Pro-active team operating in all time zones, working from 7 am (IST) to 11 pm (IST)

Avoid delays by choosing to send offer letter directly to the bank

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