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About RateAudit

This is a paid service for users on Myforexeye App. RateAudit allows guests to check forex margins/spreads on past transactions done with their banks. It is the first step in the right direction for users to verify revenue pilferage from foreign exchange transactions. Guests can check rates for Cash/Spot/Forward/Cancellationsusing RateAudit function.

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  • Quick audit last 3 transactions in Myforexeye Mobile App
  • Download Audit Reports online
  • Dealing Room Assistance – Connect with Forex dealers for quick solutions
  • Complimentary 1 year subscription to Daily Research reports
  • Complimentary 1 year Opening & Closing forex rates on Myforexeye App
  • RateAudit attractively priced at Rs.4000+Taxes. Buy Online on Myforexeye App
  • Get in control of forex operations
  • Learn new concepts to manage risk, make operations efficient
  • Access curated Forex markets content

Margin Classification

Intensity Bank Segment Cash/Tom/Spot Forwards/Bill Discounting
Low Margin Public Sector / Regional 10 paisa to 20 paisa  10 paisa to 100 paisa
Medium Margin Private Sector 10 paisa to 50 paisa 20 paisa to 150 paisa
High Margin Private Sector 10 paisa to 50 paisa 20 paisa to 150 paisa


Product-wise Margins

Margin Segment Product Category
Low Margin Cash/Tom/Spot
Medium Margin Forwards/Plain Vanilla Options
High Margin Structured Options/Swaps

Currency-wise Margins

Margin Segment Currency
Low Margin USD/INR
Medium Margin EUR/INR, GBP/INR