Forex Expert Advisor

Forex Expert Advisor

26 Sep 2018 04:25 PM

Benefits of Forex Advisory

Struggling in predicting and understanding the signals in Forex trading? The burden of responsibility for decision making is wearing out your nerves? Then you have just landed on the right page, because your problem is solved.

Myforexeye Forex expert advisors are here for you. Forex markets are extremely unpredictable and highly volatile. Managing forex risk requires regular monitoring of the forex markets and lots of patience. The forex advisory team at Myforexeye has decades of experience in forex risk management. Myforexeye team provides market intelligence and industry best practices to its clients to manage their forex risk more effectively, which is why they are called experts.

Hiring a treasury manager and forex advisor is an expensive proposition for small and medium sized industries as the cost is high and transactions are small in number. You might not even get proper assured advisory after you spend too much time and cost on them. Here are the advantages of having Myforexeye Forex Expert Advisor by your side:

  •  Inexpensive.
  •  The team has decades of experience, therefore they can identify and react to opportunities faster.
  •  They operate on a set of rules without greed, fear, ego or bias.
  •  Utmost flexibility, operate from anywhere around the world at any time.
  •  You can make your strategy far more sophisticated than you ever could using Forex expert advisor.
  •  They make your life easier by providing smooth forex experience, while you focus on your core business.

Forex risk management for a specific forex transaction is called transactional forex risk advisory (TFRA). The user can input his or her specific requirements on the Myforexeye mobile application and a customised research report will be generated within 2 hours.

The research report is based on Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. When an analysis of economic and political forces that may change the demand and supply of an asset is done, it is the fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is the framework in which our expert advisors study price movement. They look at historical price movements and determine the current trading conditions and potential price movement. The research report will generate specific hedge recommendations to manage forex risk. Such a report is complimented by a Skype, Whatsapp or Phone call to explain the research report and its hedge recommendations.

The prime motive behind Forex expert advisor is to manage your Forex risk, by protecting the underlying business from foreign exchange risk. It is that risk to the bottom line which must be mitigated. Our expert advisor stands as a shield for your total forex exposure by adding to the profits and reducing the costs. So, why are you waiting? Access forex expert advisory services at a touch of a button.

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