client’s testimonial

This is a very Innovative and Helpful service for all the Exporters /Importers in such a Volatile Market offered by MYForexeye.com .I am using the services for past couple of months where am highly Benefited and Satisfied .

Mr Salim Siddique
AWK Steelwares pvt ltd

Your company is providing excellent services in foreign exchange dealing at a very competitive price.

R K Rastogi
A S Shoes Accessories Pvt Ltd.

For DeCon India Myforexeye is like dream come true. We were just looking for cost reduction in terms foreign inward/outward remittances and Myforexeye pitched in.We are satisfied with theservices offered by them.We are also taking benefit of their advisory services in terms of longterm forward booking, inter company payables/receivables etc.The response time is too less and really appreciate for that.

“My best wishes for their future add ons and ventures”

Prashant Acharya
Decon Group

It’s  been a pleasure being associated with Myforexeye.  My Forex remittances are being done at the best rates due to their transaction process outsourcing services and their trade finance services are also remarkable. The buyers credit rates are really competitive.

“Associating with Myforexeye has helped us reduce are forex costs”

Agarwal Chemicals

Initially we faced stiff resistance from our bankers but  Myforexeye team stood by us and made us believe the importance of transparency in forex market. Now through their association, at a corporate level we have been able to reduce our transactional cost from 0.2-0.5% on each deal.

“It’s a value proposition to get associated with them”

Krishan Gupta
Shree Bankey Behari lal Board Mills

We have been dealing with Myforexeye for the past 6-8 months and have used their services for Treasury Advise and FX transaction processing. In the Transaction processing they have been able to add significant value by sharing the exact Spot rates and precise Forward premiums, which has helped us to derive more value for our organization.
On the FX advisory , Nitesh has a pretty good sense of the market and his view on movement of the currency is quite accurate which helps us to time the Market on upticks.

“Overall My Forexeye has added value to our Treasury operations”

Manish Kapoor
Hughes Systique

Risk Management services from Myforexeye are based on in-depth analysis of various economic and financial parameters of the global and Indian market. Hence the quality of their judgement and assessment on market is extremely good.

It’s a pleasure to be associated with them“.

Operations head
JRG Group

“We found your services are beneficial for our organization and operations are also smooth”

Edwards India

“We are happy with your service. We save our money from your valuable guidance”

Sandip Patil
Frontline Electronics

“Thank you for your service which is really very helpful to save my money”

Hemangi Kale
Quantumid Technologies

Dealing with Myforexeye has been a great experience. Their service is always prompt, professional, and 100% reliable. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for stress free and reliable forex transactions.

“We are so glad that we chose to go with them”

AST Pipe

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we are associated with Myforexeye on day today’s transaction of our Import Bills. The transactions and the deals turns out to be on automated modes with the help of Myforexeye. We also accolade Myforexeye on the complete assistance provided by them on facilities like Buyers Credit and fixation on the price of Dollar. With the help of the services provided by Myforexeye we are enable to save a lot of money on transactions and rates which were completely handled and monitored by our bankers earlier; and after involving Myforexeye all the system is falling on place with there experience and guidance relating to in depth analysis of the market and future pricing on currency and market stats.

“We are happy and satisfied customer of Myforexeye”

Grape Marketing