Nov 01 2017

USDINR Ideas – Short term outlook

After a sudden bout of weakness (plunging 2.25% in 6 working days) during last week of September to levels around 65.80-90, rupee is back to its gaining days. Gaining consistently since the beginning of October, rupee has reached its strongest level since the weakness started on 21 September 2017. It is currently hovering around 64.50-60

Aug 04 2017

EURUSD Ideas will the steep surge continue

Author:-Mr. Ritesh Victor Posted Date:-04-Aug-2017 Euro’s rally in the last 7 months has been nothing less than spectacular – soaring 13% since the start of this year. Quite surprising for a currency that was widely talked about reaching parity to the US dollar around the latter part of 2016. Well, euro parity to US dollar

Jul 22 2017

USDINR Ideas Beware of the Lull

Author:-Mr. Ritesh Victor Posted Date:-22-Jul-2017 Wow, what a market!! Beware of the lull. Initially, it shakes and jolts you with bouts of excessive volatility (please recall the explosive moves between 66.30 to 68.80 in Nov/Dec’16 and from 68.40 to 64.40 in Feb/Mar’17) – when levels changed dramatically within a few days (and sometimes within a

Jun 16 2017

Uncertainty of Events and EURUSD

Author:-Mr.Ritesh Victor Posted Date:-16-Jun-2017 What an eventful week it has turned out to be!! Especially for UK, as it went into deciding their next Prime Minister on 8 June 2017. What followed was wild swinging of fortunes between the Conservatives (led by Theresa May) and the Labours (led by Jeremy Corbyn). May won the elections