Mar 19 2019

VIX to peak till May 23?

India VIX is nothing but the implied volatility of NSE Nifty option, which helps to understand the overall market volatility for the coming 30 trading sessions. A rising index indicates high uncertainty in the market with the movement in price is expected to be volatile while a falling VIX shows higher confidence in the market

Mar 18 2019

EURUSD- Heading toward its short term resistance

EURUSD:- Analysing on a daily chart, Euro against US. Dollar seems trading in a converged narrow range – starting from September 2018 to present. The pair is heading toward is short term trend-line resistance – a line connecting the lower highs from 1.1802, 1.1798 1.1569 and 1.1514, is now coming at approximately 1.1400 level. The

Mar 15 2019

USDINR Ideas – turnaround closeby

What a fantastic move it has been. Just when the market participants were getting comfortable at 70.50 – 71.50, rupee surges to its highest level since mid August 2018 – 69.09 is today’s close. I remember reading multiple currency forecasts (in our reputed pink papers) – predicting substantial rupee weakening (towards 75 – 78, some

Mar 13 2019

EURINR- Time to rebound

On the daily chart, it is noticeable that from last couple of months the pair is declining continuously. This downfall of price action is finally trading at the support line (Yellow Line) and seems holding the fall here. This support line worked brilliantly earlier whenever the contraction occurred. Price action is now trading at lower

Mar 12 2019

Black gold on upward track

We observe that Crude oil prices started rising from last week of December to present after major downfall to 42.34 and prices are now moving in uptrend (making higher lows). At this point of time, a Flag pattern formation (outlined by black lines in the chart) can be seen which is a strong signal for

Mar 11 2019

USDINR- trading in between range of descending triangle

USDINR:- A closer look on a weekly chart help us to identify that, trading range for USDINR is getting converged – lower highs with lows at almost the similar levels. The convergence of prices are forming a bearish technical pattern, called Descending Triangle – the bearish impact would only come once the prices are convincingly