Nov 06 2018

Delhi based Chemical Importer – Trade Finance Service

Case A New Delhi based chemical importer dealing in a wide range of industrial chemicals and polymers. The company is well known for being a leader in the chemical trading in India. Discontinuance of LOUs resulted in higher cost of borrowing and sparse availability of FCY funding. Myforexeye Value addition The client approached Myforexeye to

Oct 26 2018

Gains From Using Vanilla Options

Case : A large importer based in Pune. We had just started a relationship and the client was getting extremely worried about persistent rupee weakness. Their import payments of USD 7,00,00 each were due for September and October 2018. Myforexeye Value Addition : The client approached us in a state of panic rightly so because

Oct 20 2018

North-India Based Oilfield Equipments’ Manufacturer – TFRA Service

Case : North-India based oilfield equipments’ manufacturer. The client received an export payment of around $ 3 mio in September 2018. The client was watching the USD/INR levels for the conversion. Myforexeye Value Addition : The client approached Myforexeye for our view on expected USD/INR levels in near future. On the basis of fundamentals and

Oct 11 2018

North India Based Steel Products’ Manufacturer – Trade Finance Service

Case: A North India based steel products manufacturer with a top line of INR 20+ billion and import volume of INR 10+ billion. Client was facing difficulties in financing his imports post the discontinuance of Letter of Undertaking (LOU) backed Buyer’s Credit. Raising financing in INR was expensive and hence client availed financing facilities provided

Oct 04 2018

Delhi based coal importer – Trade Finance service

Case A New Delhi based coal importer with large high value import transactions. After the ban on LOUs, access to competitive FCY funding became scarce and cost of borrowings went up significantly. Client explored alternate funding sources however the credit market for bank risk had shrunk as well post the recent events.   Myforexeye Value