Aug 04 2018

UP based client added value using TPO

A Ghaziabad U.P. based import and export company has an exposure of INR 45-50 crore and is banking with a private sector bank. They have monthly payments of forex but have not fixed a margin with the bank. The company has an exposure in both USD and Euro. The bank always charged 15-20 paise over

Jul 13 2018

Apparel Exporter – Risk Management

CASE A Tirupur based exporter in apparel industry has an exposure of INR 300 million. They are banking with a PSU bank having exposure in GBP and Euro. They were not following a particular strategy in order to manage their currency risk and were doing window forwards. They didn’t have a medium to cross check

Jun 30 2018

Paper importer – Transaction process Outsourcing

CASE Gujarat based paper importer having an exposure of INR 50 cr and is banking with a private bank with an agreed margin of 10 paisa. They were not using any live inter-bank terminals to cross check rates while transacting with the bank. They are having small token size of around $ 40,000-50,000. Myforexeye Value

Jun 20 2018

Dry Fruit Importer- Forex Process Improvement

CASE A north Based Dry Fruit Importer is having a turnover of around Rs 200Cr is banking with a Private bank. They are having exposure in USD only, they are not using any medium for reference to cross verify the rates offered by the bank. Having such huge amount of forex exposure with them they

May 30 2018

UP Based Exporter- Patience is the best remedy

CASE U.P. based exporter having monthly exposure of $ 4-5 lakh exports is banking with a private bank. They had entered into a few trade positions in GBP and Euro. Incurred a loss of around 10 lakhs in 2 of those trade positions and a negative MTM (marked to market) of around 15 lakhs in