Dec 15 2018

A Nifty 50 group company – Trade Finance Service

Case: A Nifty 50 group company engaged in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. To generate electricity, the company imports coal from overseas worth more than USD 10+ Million per month. Given the client was an experienced hand at arranging trade credits, client’s main requirement was competitive costing. Myforexeye Value Addition: Given the group’s size

Dec 01 2018

Kolkata based rice bran oil exporter – TFRA Service

Case : Kolkata based rice bran oil exporter. The client usually hedges his expected export receivables within 2-3 days of receiving the export order. The client booked an export side USD/INR forward contract in last week of July for USD 1,00,000 at a rate of 69.7525 with a fixed date maturity for October end. However,

Nov 20 2018

Mumbai based steel importer – Trade Finance Service

Case: A Mumbai based steel importer, which was set up in 1980s, and is now amongst the reputed players in Stainless Steel utensils industry. Client is a leading player engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of kitchen utensils. With increasing demand, client wanted to expand production and was looking to import machinery for setting up

Nov 06 2018

Delhi based Chemical Importer – Trade Finance Service

Case A New Delhi based chemical importer dealing in a wide range of industrial chemicals and polymers. The company is well known for being a leader in the chemical trading in India. Discontinuance of LOUs resulted in higher cost of borrowing and sparse availability of FCY funding. Myforexeye Value addition The client approached Myforexeye to