May 01 2018

Tech Company – Transaction Process Outsourcing

CASE A Pune based Tech company having exposure of around 30-35 cr is having banking arrangements with two private sector banks. They have monthly payments in both the banks, not having fix margin arrangements with the bank. They were having exposure in both USD and Euro, used to take the forex rates from branch. Myforexeye

Apr 13 2018

North based Exporter Forex Portfolio Management

CASE A North based exporter of designer decorative and bath accessories having exposure of around 30-40cr banking with a private bank. They are actively managing their exposure, as their receivable are spread throughout the month they generally take window forwards. They are having a margin of 5 paisa with the bank for cash transactions and

Apr 06 2018

Corporate hold on bank treasury

CASE An auto manufacturing company with import and export turnover of more than 500 crs. They are actively managing their forex exposure following sound risk management practices, they are also having some irregular ODI (Overseas direct investment) payments. Myforexeye Value Addition They were having one ODI outward payment on 27th march 2018 of around Euro

Mar 19 2018

Paper Manufacturer – Branch Banking Issue

CASE A Paper manufacturing company with import and export turnover of more than 100 crs, is looking at exports in a big way. The company’s finance team is unaware about an efficient forex risk management system. The company’s management have assigned the task to the risk management team at Myforexeye. They are banking with a

Mar 07 2018

Foreign Exchange Risk Management Process Improvement

CASE A U.P. based steel manufacturer having an exposure of around 300cr. The finance team monitors exchange rates on a regular basis and follows the risk management policy as decided by the board of directors. In the past few months management has come across an issue of mismanagement of the forward contract utilisation and instances

Jan 10 2018

Delhi based paper company – Forex Portfolio Management

CASE A Delhi based dollar importer in paper industry having exposure of 100cr. The promoters were Not hedging their exposure and makes payment on spot. Management tracks the forex market movements and local equities. The company usually does a buyer’s credit of 180 days. They wanted to lay more emphasis on the currency risk management