Jul 06 2018

USDINR Ideas – A Tale of two currencies – 6Jul18

The dilemma in the financial market continues, (not to indicate that predicaments were absent in the past). There is one particular catch-22 situation that I would like to highlight. Since beginning of Apr’2018, the Chinese Yuan (green line) has weakened by 5.5% (impact of the ongoing US-China trade war). During this period (and correspondingly), the

Jun 22 2018

GBPUSD Ideas – Will it turn the corner? – 22Jun2018

After making supersonic gains in 2017, the European majors (EURUSD and GBPUSD) has lost substantial value in 2018. GBPUSD, after touching 1.4376 in mid Apr’18 (highest since BREXIT), plunged to 1.31 yesterday – a whopping decline of 8.8% in just over 2 months. With UK’s growth forecasts being downgraded regularly and confusion persisting regarding the

Jun 01 2018

EURUSD Ideas – Roller Coaster ride – 1Jun18

What a roller coaster ride it has been for the single European currency. From a whopping 20% gain in 14 months – 1.04 to 1.25 – to a 7% plunge in 1.5 months – 1.24 to 1.15. Traders’ paradise. The darling of currency markets, euro is suddenly looking extremely vulnerable – with renewed talks about

Apr 27 2018

USDINR Ideas – Sanity will return – 27Apr2018

USDINR validated my last week’s argument, brilliantly – “Financial markets (including rupee) are inherently volatile by nature” – please check my research below. Well, my other argument did not hold – “My sense is 66.245 – 66.55 region will act as a good resistance for this dollar rally” – that resistance region gave away –