Oct 17 2018

USDINR Ideas – Has it turned the corner – 17Oct2018

The last 4 working days has seen the rupee recovering from its all-time lows of 74.4850 to today’s intra-day high of 73.3625 – a sizeable 1.5% gain in quick time. Successive higher highs made by the USDINR in August, September and early October have been temporarily arrested. Has the rupee really confirmed a turnaround?? Let’s

Oct 04 2018

Nifty – are the bears overpowering the bulls??

It took Nifty 41 days to reach 11760 from 10557 – a superlative gain of more than 11%. On the reverse downside journey, Nifty gave up all those gains in just 24 days. A massive 400 points lost in 2 working days. What has substantially changed in a month’s time that the Indian equities have

Oct 01 2018

USDINR Ideas – Options are cheaper now – 1Oct2018

After the chaos in end August and early September, when the rupee plunged from 69 to 72.90 in a month, the Indian unit has stabilized around 72 – 73. As a consequence, the USDINR options volatility has come down sharply (after rising in August and September). This is good news at a time of doom

Sep 21 2018

Rupee Opened Higher After Dollar Index Sinks To 3-Month Lows

Financial Market Overview 21st September, 2018 Rupee:- The Indian rupee is opened higher against the U.S. currency after upbeat risk appetite prompted the biggest drop in the dollar index in a month. The rupee is open 71.85 versus the dollar compared with its previous close of 72.37. In addition to positive global cues, the rupee

Sep 19 2018

Half hearted efforts seldom succeed

After shaking the markets with more than 1 rupee appreciation in a few hours (please check my previous mail below), Govt of India came out with some measures to stem rupee’s relentless decline. The measures were:- For ECBs: a review of the mandatory hedging conditions for external infrastructure loans and the permission for manufacturing companies

Sep 13 2018

USDINR Ideas – Will history repeat itself??? – 4Sept2018

Completely flabbergasted by rupee’s volatility – a whopping 3% weakness in 10 trading days – I recall Jim Cramer’s words “Every once in a while, the market does something so stupid it takes your breath away.” Trying to make some sense in this insanity, I came across something interesting. Check out the two charts below.