Sep 25 2018

What really is wrong with Rupee?

As expected, rupee continued its weakening bias moving into September expiry. The half-hearted efforts from government & regulator have been ignored by dollar bulls. The currency markets are rattled with over-lapping geopolitical factors rubbing shoulder against each other. The weakness is likely to continue till the following factors subdued or somewhat under control: Political scene

Sep 10 2018

Weaker EUR/USD

As we enter another week we are keeping EUR/USD in focus as the pair is likely to witness significant movement. The hourly charts show what appears to be a valid Head & Shoulders pattern only for the Euro to regress against Dollar through an area of resistance at around 1.1730. EUR/USD further looks down now

Jul 05 2018

Why Rupee still looks scary?

In over 4 months, Rupee has depreciated by 7.5%. Despite complete reversal of gains made in 2017, rupee looks vulnerable to further slide. We try to analyse the factors which haven’t yet played out against Rupee. Resilient equity markets – The corporate performance is steady on account of efficiencies brought in by GST. This, coupled

Jun 13 2018

Dissecting Rupee Weakness to 72 by March’19.

Rupee has been on a roller coaster ride. Market participants are divided between will it breach all-time lows or rupee will bounce back from current levels. We have tried to put across few important indicators below which are suggesting sustained weakness in the pair: A. Permanent Foreign Currency Flows – Current Account deficit + FDI

Nov 28 2017

The Indian economy has been under repair for almost 4 years now.

The Indian economy has been under repair for almost 4 years now. The hard work done by BJP led government at the centre has resulted in a stable economic scenario. The economic reforms led by demonetisation and tax structure reforms are likely to take India to 8%+ growth trajectory in 2018-19. This will be aided