Jan 21 2019

What CAN take Rupee to 77 by June’2019?

Since Feb’18 Myforexeye has been a bear as far as domestic currency is concerned. On 20th Feb 2018 I wrote an article describing chain of events which may lead Rupee to 67.75 from 63.75. My connects on LinkedIn unanimously disagreed with the extent of depreciation suggested in that report. They were right. The unfolding of

Jan 07 2019

SP-BSP Combine to Dent Rupee Aspirations?

Rupees roller-coaster ride in 2018 is looking to repeat history with fresh waves of volatility going to hit sooner than later. While oil has helped rupee stage recovery from 74.40 to 69.50 lately, the political calendar will keep markets on toes for next 5 months. We closely look at defining factors (below) which will set

Sep 25 2018

What really is wrong with Rupee?

As expected, rupee continued its weakening bias moving into September expiry. The half-hearted efforts from government & regulator have been ignored by dollar bulls. The currency markets are rattled with over-lapping geopolitical factors rubbing shoulder against each other. The weakness is likely to continue till the following factors subdued or somewhat under control: Political scene

Sep 10 2018

Weaker EUR/USD

As we enter another week we are keeping EUR/USD in focus as the pair is likely to witness significant movement. The hourly charts show what appears to be a valid Head & Shoulders pattern only for the Euro to regress against Dollar through an area of resistance at around 1.1730. EUR/USD further looks down now

Jul 05 2018

Why Rupee still looks scary?

In over 4 months, Rupee has depreciated by 7.5%. Despite complete reversal of gains made in 2017, rupee looks vulnerable to further slide. We try to analyse the factors which haven’t yet played out against Rupee. Resilient equity markets – The corporate performance is steady on account of efficiencies brought in by GST. This, coupled