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Mar 25 2017

USDINR Ideas – Deja Vu

Wow, what a market!! First, it lulls you into hibernation with prolonged periods of sideways movements, and then suddenly, you get shocks of sharp rupee appreciation in small periods of time. Time and again, it proves all the market pundits wrong That leads to commonly debated questions (quite rightly so), why forecast at all?, focus on

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Mar 08 2017

Time to pray for Nifty bulls

Nifty has witnessed a relentless rise since late Dec16 – from a low of 7894 (26 Dec16) to the latest close of 8924 (8 Mar17) – superlative absolute returns of 13% in just about 2.5 months. Are Indian companies really doing so well?? Quarterly financial performance (Dec16) of Nifty companies were mediocre (moderate, at best).