Feb 22 2017

Reason for you to buy a Forex card

Posted Date:-22-Feb-2017 Zero Margin Offer With Doorstepforex.com’s ‘ZERO MARGIN OFFER’ Forex Card can be loaded at Inter-bank rates/Mid Market rates. Convenient & Economical Multiple currencies can be loaded on one single card. Saves Cross Currency Conversion Charges as the currency for the destination country can be used to pay when travelling to different countries. Easy

Feb 15 2017

What is Rupee up to?

Had articulated my mind about USDINR direction on my research (USDINR Ideas – Nothing endures but change) dated 3 Feb17 (am sure you would have received a copy). I had sensed that rupee gains will stop around 67.10-30 – obviously markets didnt have to agree with me and rupee touched a high of 66.76 (strongest

historical exchange rates
Feb 03 2017

USDINR Ideas – Nothing endures but change

Just when everyone thought that INR 68 to a dollar is the new norm – boom, the market delivers a punch and says “Im the boss, not you”. It took just 4 working days to change that norm and suddenly, we have levels around 67.30-40 (something, that was a bit difficult to imagine a few